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Southern Comfort 70cl


Southern Comfort is a signature blend of whiskey, fruits and spices back crafted over 140 years. Enjoy Southern Comfort Whiskey Flavoured Liqueur simply with lemonade & a squeeze of fresh lime or mix to create fun cocktails at home.Southern Comfort Whiskey is a unique spiced American whiskey flavoured liqueur. A fun alcohol spirit to mix with, created in New Orleans by iconic bartender M.W. Heron in 1874. We have been crafting Southern Comfort for over 140 years, so we know it tastes good. We have perfected the recipe to create the unique blend of whiskey, fruit, and spices. Whether enjoyed simply with lemonade and a squeeze of fresh lime or mixed to create a range of fun cocktails at home, Southern Comfort is a whisky alcohol spirit like no other. Southern Comfort Whiskey originates from the city of fun itself, New Orleans, a place like no other; a city of optimism, creative self-expression, and togetherness where everyone is welcome and there is a party, cocktail and music around every corner.Impress by shaking up our Southern Comfort Whiskey Passion cocktail adding to a mixer or shaker the following. 35ml Southern Comfort. 25ml Passionfruit Juice. 25ml Cranberry Juice. Squeeze 1/2 lime. Fill with ice & shake for 15-20 seconds. Serve straight up with an orange peel if you're feeling fancy.

70cl Bottle – £15.69(€18.46 )

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